There's never been
anything quite like it.
"Fruitarian Vibes" is the
publication to get for
anyone interested in the
Fruitarian diet and
lifestyle.  Inside its pages
you will discover
practical and useful
information that will help you on your quest to be
fruitarian.  Every singlemyth regarding
fruitarianism will be
dispelled and you willearn why being
fruitarian is the supreme
diet nutritionally.  
Rejean "David" Durette has been vegan since March 1989 and fruitarian since April 1993. Also Certified Natural Hygienist, David was a Certified Organic grower of sprouts in Sedona, Arizona for 3 years.
Now his passion is growing fruit, with some 100 fruit trees of countless varieties, located about 30 miles north of Phoenix in the Arizona desert.  David has written a great book all about the Fruitarian Diet, titled:  "Fruit: The Ultimate DIet" which can be ordered online through this web site.
David has also worked for many radio stations as an announcer and can be heard evenings and afternoons on 93.3 KDKB, a legendary rock station in Phoenix Arizona.  His "air name" is David Owens.
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